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We check that the filtration system of the pool (pump and filter) works correctly. If necessary, carry out a descaling of the filter with an acidic product. We eliminate coarse material (leaves, sand, etc.) from the surface and bottom of the pool and we start the filtration system. We also adjust the pH of the water and rest the tasks of a start-up.

Control and treatment

We review the pH levels, what is the right level and how to keep it in balance. We carry out the treatment for green water.

Maintenance of the environment

We have equipment for cleaning, and gardening, as you will have seen on our website, so we can take charge of the environment of your pool..


We advise and execute the best lighting, not only for the interior of the pool, but also in the surroundings.

Why choose us?


We adjust the prices without losing quality of service and we always adapt to the budget of our customers.​


We know the importance of the times when it comes to addressing the work, so we respect the agreed agenda.


We are impeccable, since a job well done involves working and finishing with the work area neat and clean..

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