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Repairs in masonry

Elimination of humidity, fixing leaks, repairing facades, plastering, changing walls and ceilings, installing false ceilings, pladur partitions, building barbecues, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation ...

Façade waterproofing

Repairs, renovations, Wall Elevation, Sockets and Coatings Placement,

Masonry reforms

Reforms of bathrooms and kitchens, lifting walls, placement of doors.

Other works

Repair of cracked, we perform batters and plaster. In addition to opening of chasms, placement of elements and recessed conduits for installations, etc.

pipegardens reformas integrales


As you may have noticed, we have a large multidisciplinary team to undertake all types of comprehensive reform projects, both in homes, businesses and communities.

The best thing is to know the project, we advise you for free and we elaborate a budget without commitment.

Why choose us?


We adjust the prices without losing quality of service and we always adapt to the budget of our customers.​


We know the importance of the times when it comes to addressing the work, so we respect the agreed agenda.


We are impeccable, since a job well done involves working and finishing with the work area neat and clean..


Complete the form we will send you YOUR EXPRESS BUDGET   and, if we have any questions, we will contact you.

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